Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Inspirational Corner March 2008

Recent weeks have begun to take their toll. The dark gloomy days of winter seem to cast long across peoples spirits. In central Illinois this has been an extremely unusual winter. The thermometer seems to be on a bungee cord. Up one day, down the next. We have experienced below zero temperatures, snow, ice, unusual amounts of rain, thunderstorms, flooding and an exceedingly number of gloomy overcast days. There are days when it takes all of one’s effort to simply make it through.
This must have been what life was like for many before Christ was revealed as the messiah. Living in the darkness of sin and not knowing when the ‘light’ would come. Jesus reveals to us in the 9th Chapter of John, “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” Through restoring sight to the blind Jesus taught us all he was indeed the light which restores our sight. It is a light so powerful as to break through all darkness and reveal the messiah to each of us.
As we continue to use this Lenten season to reflect on God’s love for us and how he expressed his love, not by living, but by his willingness to die so we may live, we can rejoice in the light. So in the weeks to come, as we trudge out the final weeks of a gloomy winter, we can rejoice in the Light of a Risen Christ. Make this light shine brightly in your heart as you share His message of salvation and redemption.

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