Thursday, July 23, 2009

We are looking for a Business Development Manager

We are looking for a Business Development Manager

Start part-time and grow with our company.

Job Functions include:
Ø Outgoing sales calls to qualified leads and some cold calling
Ø Manage coordination of company schedule
Ø Negotiate contracts with potential clients
Ø Maintain client database—data entry
Ø Handle event planning for seminars and workshops
Ø Internet marketing management

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finding my way home

I have been home from my trip to the the northwest for about ten days. The six weeks I was gone allowed my to gain some great perspective on my life.

Convinced more than ever of God's call for me I have been allowed to more clearly define the role he is asking me to play. In addition to teaching and consulting I feel a sense of speaking more vocally of God's work in my life and how His love works in the lives of others.

Over the next few weeks I will be working on my speaking tour for 2010. It is an ambitious schedule of forty-five cities. I have come to recognize I am to not only teach my business classes but am to take time to witness my faith to those I encounter.

As I travel on this tour my goal will be to seek out and fulfill these opportunities. Whether it is one-on-one or speaking to a large group. In each city I travel I hope to find an opportunity to present a program on personal values, goals and spiritual gifts and how together they can form the foundation for anyone to find their own level of success.

Please, if you would be interested in having me speak to you or your church, study group or business association. Contact me. There will be no charge for these courses and I will make them available in the cities I travel through the remainder of this year and in 2010.

God has blessed me with this gift of teaching and has challenged me to use it to deliver this incredible message. Please let me share it with you and those you love.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Think before you post

Not only employees but business owners need to consdier what they are posting on social networking sites. The ability to be hired by clients can be severely hampered if they are reading about personal exploits.

Many clients would think twice before hiring a photographers or other service providor who brags about how drunk they got over the weekend. Think before you post.

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