Sunday, March 21, 2010

A socialist society cannot live as a free society

A socialist society cannot live as a free society. In order to be truly free a society must become reliant on their individual selves. This is not to say individuals do not need interaction with other people. It needs to be understood that we cannot rely on government to provide for our needs and enjoy the freedoms which we all value. To a certain degree they are mutually exclusive.

It is difficult to imagine we can live in a society and enjoy all of the freedoms on one hand and on the other expect the government to provide for our needs. Allowing the government to make decisions about how, who and when we receive services such as healthcare takes the very freedom we desire away.

The expectation of relying on government is a dangerous path to follow. Unfortunately we have become a lazy citizenry and feel we are too busy to get involved in the process. It is this laziness coupled with apathy which has allowed our government to take us so far down this path.

It is time for those of us who are in the middle, who stand for reason and compromise, those of us who are willing to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work of creating an environment of fair and open dialog to push our agenda ahead. This agenda should be led by the desire to create a smaller government with local control.

Government should provide the tools and support for the free society to function successfully. It is not their responsibility to intervene in the free enterprise system. Allowing free commerce to work through the ebbs and flows of economic trends is far more effective than having the government putting themselves in the mix.

There will always be times when the economy needs to be corrected. Allowing it to self-correct is the best way for that to happen. Allowing bureaucrats and politicians to interfere with these corrective periods is precisely why we have large swings in the stability of the economy.

There are many out there who would like to see government take control. Those who are self-employed or business owners who have this mindset seem to be at odds with the reasons they may have become self employed. The independence which may be a primary reason for following such a career path disappears when we look to the government to provide things like health insurance, business bailouts and job creation.

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