Friday, March 26, 2010

Government controlled healthcare

I made the following statement on my Facebook page the night the Healthcare billed passed the Senate and it began a firestorm of comments which I wanted to share on my blog.

"To all who voted for and supported the federal healthcare bill may God have mercy on your soul."

Carolyn Jarmon Jones
Over dramatic much?

Dave Russell
what a hateful, disgusting sentiment.

Roger Mathis
You think socialism is the answer, Dave? Freedom, slowly slipping away, so goodbye to the UNITED states.

Chris Humphreys
I'm sure God is pissed that we took a little bit of power from a for profit insurance industry.

Stacey Friedlein
Read more on the subject of maintaining the free enterprise system here.

Stacey Friedlein
Be happy we live in a country where companies are allowed to make a profit.

Michael Smith
And this is the problem with the country ... 2 sides against each other.

Mitchell Burt
Stacey, I understand that you disagree with what our nation has voted to attain, but this is simply inappropriate and offensive and I'm frankly embarrassed for your lack of control. I ask you , what does it profiteth a man to lose the world AND his soul in the process? Perhaps you should go to your room and pray on it...

Dan Baiotto
I have to agree with you Stacey.... I for one have been part of a high risk insurance pool.... not fun, couldn't afford to see my regular doctors let alone get sick. I am all for reform...getting rid of pre-existing conditions. I am all for tort reform.... I am not for government funded abortions. The president executive order is only as good as ... See Morethe paper it is written on. Law is law , executive orders don't trump law. Just wait..... the first time it comes up and goes to the Supreme Court....they will have to stand on the law, not a promise from a president. Sad day indeed. What about the catch 22 that says all must have insurance or you pay penalty.. that law goes into effect immediately. and to those who have a pre-existing condition and can't get insurance...but will in 4 yrs.... What do they do Pay the fine for the next 4 yrs?????????

Jen Hester
I doubt I need God's "mercy" for supporting a bill that will give healthcare to those that go without. I think He would appreciate us taking care of each other.

Jim Wilson
God does not show mercy to communist.

Dan Baiotto
I think the representatives will need God's mercy for supporting a bill that supports and funds the death of the unborn, the old who can't afford or the sick who will suffer from the decrease in health care. Show me one other nation that has a successful socialistic health care program that has better health care than what we are getting now or used to get.

Roger Mathis
Jen, your are correct, and if this were a motto that we HAD lived by there would be no need for reform......but moving on......Stacey, I appreciate the stand that you have taken, if you stand for nothing you'll fall for anything-You Stood!If you had a chance to read and all the propoganda put in this sight to make us think we need THIS particular bill, it's insane.

Andrew McDavid
Yes Jen, we will take care of each other, but does it have to be at the point of a gun, or a fine, or an agent of the govt. putting his hand in my pocket?I am all for taking care of those who cannot take care of themselves; the unborn are a perfect example, and they have been dealt another death blow with this legislation.I think Stacey's statement might be better said; God have mercy on us all.

Stacey Friedlein
I rarely let my political views known on a public forum. However, this is such a critical issue to the future of our country and to the future success of small business I felt I needed to comment.

Stacey Friedlein
I don't disagree that those who cannot get health insurance or other help don't need assistance. I just do not believe it should be the job of government to provide it to them.

Danielle Goodman
Great Quote by Dr. Adrian Rogers......You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthly out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The goverment cannot give to anybody anything that the goverment does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people... See More ... See Moreget the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot mulitiply wealth by dividing it.I believe in charity, but I believe that I should be able to give it by choice. I believe that all Americans should have a reason to work, not take a hand out. Even in my college days, I worked 1 sometimes 2 jobs, paid my rent & utilities & paid for my health insurance. Of course it was alot of money for me, but I did without things that I would have like to have had in exchange for being responsible. It is still this way today. I have 3 kids, we are on one income (for all practical purposes) and we pay for our health insurance. We don't go to the doctor unless we are really, really sick. Unlike people I know (a relative) who runs to the ER everytime she coughs & doesn't pay for it. BTW, she sits & chooses to watch TV all day. Unlike some of us, working hard. BTW, Insurance is a business. Yes, I think that there are a few things that need to be fixed, they should not be able to just cancel you if you get sick (I don't know anyone who has had that happen & I know several cancer patients) But at the end of the day, if Insurance does not make money, they will not stay in business. How many of you want to run a business just for charity? They have to keep a certain ratio or they can not guarentee to be able to pay claims. I just think, if you don't have insurance & you can't pay for it out of pocket, then you don't get treated (except for kids) I mean if your house is burning down, you can't run out & get insurance.

Stacey Friedlein
So everyone understands. I do not oppose the idea of healthcare for everyone. I just do not want the government running the program.

Danielle Goodman
I think everyone should have healthcare & insurance. Perfect world, huh? I don't want the goverment stepping in & controlling any more of my life than they already do. The people who want insurance, have it, the people who can't or won't afford it, still won't & we just gave more power to goverment.

Jan Sexson
Stacy, thanks for having the guts to take a stand. Considering this country's current deficit, and even more, the predicted future deficit, the passing of this bill frightens me. Social Security and Medicare are already in trouble, consequently I don't have a lot of faith in the government to run our health care. Being self-employed, I have no ... See Moreinsurance. Every cent I make is going to support my son who is too ill to work, yet it will take several months at the least for him to be approved for Social Security Disability. Consequently, I can not afford insurance and certainly can't afford to pay a fine for being too poor to afford insurance! Possibly, in four years, the government might supply me with health care, but what quality? Time will tell. Like you, Stacy and Dan, I am also upset that this bill allows payment for abortion. So much for protecting those who cannot protect themselves. I need insurance, and I don't pretend to have the answers, I'm only voicing my concerns about whether this health care bill is the answer.

Nina Miller
If there was a God and if he was any good, he'd make sure people wouldn't get sick in the first place. Seriously.

Ernie Baiotto
You need to look at the hidden things in the bill--For instance Harry Ried has a clause that say no future congress can change this section of the bill. Also the the buying of votes from Conneticut, vermont, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Lousianna. Is this the way our government was meant to be run? Our forefathers are probably turning over in their graves this morning.

Stacey Friedlein
I am not a fan of dividing democrats and republicans but am more interested in defining idealogy without labels.

Jeff Delaney
Excellent point light of this marked legislation, you'll begin to see the face the "business" of health care change drastically, and my guess is that you won't like it. I am constantly amazed, (I really don't know why) and the things that our government comes up with. I understand their motivation (to keep their jobs) but really. We ... See Morespeak of keeping drunks off of the road, but then allow their charges to be reduced to non-moving violations if you have the $$$. We speak of the atrocity of the taking of an unborn life, yet dare not to find a solution to the problem, even though it beats you upside the head. We reform health care without addressing one of its major facets, malpractice, for medical professionals (who are human beings) in the event that God forbid they make a mistake. Let me see if I can find a tie there.....Attorneys sue doctors and get huge settlements for their clients, lining their pockets with dollars that could other wise be used to lower health care costs for everyone and extend coverage to those who cannot afford it. How many "Lawmakers" are Attorneys? Hummmm? Perhaps it's time to elect people who aren't so familiar with the law, and more familiar with the real needs of people.

Jeff Conrad
Thank You Stacey for your comment. I've been roaming around today in a great void feeling like I was alone. Now may GOD have mercy on us all and overturn the demise that has been set forth by the forced legislation on us all. Some representative government. Lets go back to pre-revolutionary times.....oh wait a minute we already have.
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Hamster said...

A surprising thing happened today.

I called my doctors office and he was still there taking appointment. I called My insurance company and they were asked me if I wanted to pay my premiums automatically from my credit card, the Pharmacy a the supermarket was still open the guys in white lab coats were busy putting pills in little plastic bottles. The Catholic hospital down the hill was still taking patients in the emergency room with nuns scurrying about carrying bed pans

Today was suppose to be Armageddon, the end of freedom as we know it, a socialist takeover of the private health care system.

Hmmm…I couldn’t tell the difference between the day before helath care passed and the day after.

Now we were told that the federal government was going to sweep in , round up all the doctors and make them work out of a big government building, that private hospitals were going to be shut down, that pharmacies were going to close and be moved to the big government building. That all those private doctors, nurses and pharmacists were going to become federal employess . That old grandmothers were going to be left on gurneys out in the streets to die.
At least that’s what they've been warning us would happen

Oh well, I’ll give my doctor a call next week and see . Maybe it will take a few days before he has to collect his equipment, shut his office and report to the government health care center.

Armageddon sure seems to be taking it’s time.

Stacey Friedlein said...

It's such extremist views which make me crazy. I don't believe it is the end of medicine as we know it. My concern is our government was never intended to administer social policy or have their hand in the free enterprise system. It is simply not their role.

My position on this has always been that the free enterprise system and private sector can do a better job of fixing economic and social issues than the federal government.

The government should be about securing and protecting our liberties and not be looking for ways to take them away.

Conspiracy theorists and fear mongers on both sides of these issues need to check themselves. It is their rhetoric which throws society into a tither and causes people to panic.

So please do not categorize me with such extreme views because as always I am speaking from somewhere "slightly right of middle"