Friday, March 27, 2009

The Value of What We Sell

It is how much? For those of us who sell a service it can be a difficult process of learning our value. Determining the price of our services is one thing. Creating and understanding the value of our services is quite another.

Creating a price for our service is a mathematical process of figuring costs and applying formula to determine profitability. Creating value is more complicated

We establish value by engaging our clients in the process of producing the final product. In this process we create a relationship with the client. Through the relationship we create we give them the sense of importance in what we provide for them.

This emotional engagement with the client will help them understand they are not just purchasing a product but they are making an investment in the relationship. Their investment is an emotional response to the experience we create for them.

This being said, it becomes essential we understand the importance of engaging our potential client. We do this by listening and responding to their needs in a positive way. The key here is to both listen to what the client is telling you, repeat it back to them, and then offer alternative which serve their needs.

It is also imperative that you believe in the value of what you are offering to your client. Rehearse if necessary. Repeat over and over the values of your product until you are completely comfortable. Your client will sense your insecurity about your pricing if you do not believe in yourself and the value of your product. So again, practice until you are confidant.

Remember sales is a process. It begins with your initial contact with the client and never ends as long as you maintain a relationship with them. Sales is not high pressure. It is creating a need, engaging your client on an emotional level, and responding to the clients needs.

Create value for your client and price becomes secondary to your client and improves your ability to serve their needs and your needs.

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