Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Studio Gold Card

Getting a solid customer base is essential to any business. Turning good customers into repeat customers can make the difference between survival and success. The Studio Gold Card can help you achieve a steady flow of repeat customers.

This program is designed to be used primarily with children. You can, however, modify it to be used in any of your service lines. Here is how the program works. The card is set up for a certain number of prints to be purchased over a pre-determined period of time. For example you may want to offer 8 8x10 portraits over a six year life of the card with a limit of to 1 8x10 per session. A single child need not use the card. Any member of the immediate family can take advantage of the program.

To determine what the card would be sold for you would multiply the retail price of your prints by the number offered on the card. In our example, we are offering 8 8x10 prints with a normal value of $40.00 each. This means that the value of the card at full retail price would be $320.00 (8 x $40.00). We then will offer a discounted price for the card when it is purchased. For example, we will give them a 50% discount. That means that they can purchase the card for $160.00.

The customer can receive additional savings with the card. As in our example, they will receive each session at half off of the regular session price. The will also get 10% off of any additional portrait purchases that they make from the session. The will get advance notice of all studio promotions.

You can add whatever other enticements you would like to your program. You may want to make your offer totally different. That is OK.

Here are some other considerations for you.

You will want to limit the number of cards you sell (at least as far as your clients are concerned). This will add prestige to the program in your customer’s eyes.

Only offer the card after you have done the first session at full price. This does a couple of things for you. It allows you to meet and work with the client and determine if you want to make a long-term commitment to them. There are some clients that you simply do not want back. It also allows them to recognize the value of the card after they have paid full price for the first session.

There are many options and variations that you can implement into your own program. You may want to allow them to use one or two of the sessions for the whole family. You will need to determine how to price the card. If you offer multiple price lists for different types of portraiture you will need to determine which will be used for the program. You may want to exclude other studio specials and senior photography from the card. A time period between sessions may also be necessary. Limit the card to immediate family members only.

In the business environment where we live, the consumer continues to demand more services and better value. Once you’ve shown them that you offer those things it’s important to keep them. This program allows you to do just that

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