Saturday, June 28, 2008

Give 'em a Reason to Come Back

This promotion is a great idea for getting increasing sales from your current customer base. It really is more of a marketing philosophy than a single promotion.

The idea is to give your customer a reason to come back to your business for other products and services you offer. Simply create coupons which can be placed in customers’ orders. These coupons can be for anything from a percentage off their next purchase to a free gift with the purchase of a specified product. You may want to offer some kind of customer loyalty incentive. Such as, buy ten of a specific item gets the eleventh free.

Think about your product offerings and consider how you can offer and promote these services to your customer through coupons and brochures to be placed in orders.

Keep in mind all of these people are customers of yours already and for many they only need to be given a reason to come back to your business.

The whole idea behind this program is to create customer loyalty. This is a great way to give them a reason to return to your business and to spend more money with you. This program works best when you to make a concentrated effort to follow through with it on an ongoing basis.
This can be a terrific way to promote existing products, introduce new products, and most of all give your customer a reason to come back to you.

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