Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Digital Press Books

Have you seen the digital press books, which many labs are now offering studios? They come in a variety of sizes and page configurations. And the prices are incredibly reasonable.
These books have tremendous marketing potential. Here are a few suggestions:
Reunion Books-Often when families get together they are not prepared to have formal portraits made. The press book gives you a great opportunity to provide a treasured keepsake for all of the family members. The book can contain both posed and photographs of the family and the reunion. You can include individual family groups, generation photos and family history pages and copies of old photographs of ancestors.
In addition to the books you can sell individual photographs to the families and this is a great opportunity to offer copy and restoration services for those old family photographs.
The same concept can be used for school class reunions or military reunions.
Community Event Books-These books provide a great opportunity to offer a photographic record of significant community events, such as, community anniversary celebrations, local festivals, fairs or military and historical reenactments.
Church and Community History Books can provide a record of church milestones and histories. This would be a great add-on sale to church directory photographs. Consider photographing significant landmarks in your community and creating a keepsake, which would include a history and detail of each landmark.
Another concept would be to create Children’s Storybooks. Tell a story be creating theme session. Photograph the child to illustrate the story and then create a storybook. This is sure to be a treasured keepsake for the child, parents and grandparents.
Other possibilities include subject books of general interest. These may include a book of spring flowers, old barns, butterflies, etc. You may consider photographing interesting personalities in your community as a “Faces About Town” collection
There will be some production time involved. However, compared to the time you may spend manipulating one image to create a digital presentation to your client, your return with these books should be much better.
These books would work well as a fundraiser for your favorite charity. Have them sell them and return a portion of the sales back to the organization.
Two labs that offer these products are H&H Color Lab on the web at and American Color Imaging at www.acilab.comIf you need additional assistance in how to price or market these products, please contact us at

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