Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Add-on Products Help Build Bottom Line

Who knew a $1.00 add-on product would take the business owners and their employees on a cruise. As a way to motivate their sales team a small business owner decided to create a rewards system for employees who sold specific products.

In this case the portrait photography studio was offering surface modifications on their proof products. The benefit to the customer was a more finished looking photography which now had a protective coating. The cost to the customer was $1.00 in addition to the price of the print. The cost of this was very low and provided a great additional revenue stream.

Each time this surface modification was sold the profits were deposited into a special bonus account. At the end of one year there was enough money to take the entire staff on a cruise.

This program can work in any business. Think about the products and services you offer. What things can you market as add-ons to enhance your customer’s experience with your business?
Once you determine your products, create a plan for implementation. A rewards system for your employees, as we discussed above, is a great way to get them on board and excited about increasing your sales. When you can get your sales staff excited about selling it will improve not only the sale of the add-on but in selling more product and service.

There are a number of ways to implement this kind of program. You can create special products, which are featured, in your marketing, run promotions, which include specialty products above your promotional offer or simply using suggestive selling techniques to entice your customer to buy.

Employee rewards can vary dependent on your goals. It may be something as simple as a gift certificate for dinner out or movie tickets. You may also consider offering paid time off for employees who reach sales goals. On the other end of the spectrum would be trips and larger gift items.

Use your imagination and creativity to help build sales, improve employee morale and increase your bottom line. If you need help or more information with this program, feel free to contact us at

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